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Yamiche Alcindor’s list of reliable Sources™ now includes ‘a number of Republican women’ who are voting for pro-abort Dems – twitchy.com


Watch out, Republican Party. It sounds like PBS anchor and NBC News Washington correspondent Yamiche Alcindor’s been talking to her Sources™ again:

That number may be zero, but hey, that’s a number nonetheless.

Yeah … sorry, Yamiche. We have no doubt that you trust your Sources™, whom you definitely spoke to and definitely did not make up. But the math just doesn’t add up here.

We, too, have sources. Namely functional memories. And Grabien’s Tom Elliott, who, our sources say, has been following Yamiche Alcindor’s reporting pretty closely and has noticed a very distinctive pattern:

How many election cycles will it take to restore trust to the media?

Listen: it’s technically possible that there exist some Republican women out there who are planning to vote for Democrats in November out of concern about anti-abortion laws being too strict. They could very well be out there. But if they are, we’d be willing to bet good money that Yamiche Alcindor didn’t talk to them.

Before you object, Yamiche, Bulwark and Lincoln Project “Republicans” don’t count.



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