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Woman travels 3,000 miles to meet her online boyfriend. She is then brutally murdered, decapitated and has her organs taken.


Blanca Arellano, who had been in a relationship with her boyfriend for several months, traveled 3,000 miles from California to finally meet him online. The romance that was supposed to begin with a first meeting turned into a tragedy. According to authorities, the murderer who took her organs was able to kill the woman and dismember her body.

For months, Mexican citizen Arellano had an online relationship with Juan Pablo Jesús Villafuerte from Peru. According to some reports, the couple started a relationship via online gaming groups during the pandemic. Arellano, 51 years old, finally met Villafuerte 37 years later and traveled 3,000 miles from Peru.

Arellano’s family believed that “their relationship was going very well,” according to her niece Karla Arellano. All communications between Arellano’s family in Mexico and Arellano stopped completely on November 7.

The family contacted Villafuerte – who is a medical student.

“He argues that on Sunday my aunt decided to return to Mexico,” Arellano’s niece wrote on Twitter, according to The Daily Beast. “They were in Huacho and she left for Lima by her own means to later go to Mexico but that has not happened.”


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