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Whitlock: Yes. The Tyre Nichols tragedy can be explained by the baby-mama tradition


Sorry, I am not following the script. According to the script, black influencers required that the Tyre-Nichols tragedy be placed at the feet so-called white supremacy.

Five black cops beat a black man 150 pounds to death. The script demanded more mass shaming and insinuations against white people that police should be illegal.

Had I followed the script, I wouldn’t be embroiled in controversy, public enemy number one of black Twitter, Ciara, and all the other blue-check virtue-signalers.

In fact, had I dishonestly blamed systemic, institutionalized racism for Nichols’ death, I would be the toast of Twitter, drowning in retweets, likes, and applause. I would be as high on dopamine as a kite and swim in interview requests.

But that’s not what I did when I appeared on Tucker Carlson’s cable news show Friday night. I didn’t lie. I didn’t concoct some fantasy narrative where five black cops shouted, “This is MAGA country!” before attacking Tyre Nichols.

I blamed the cops for their criminal conduct and predicted that a majority black jury would find them guilty in second-degree murder. I then criticised CNN and other media outlets for exacerbating the release of this bodycam.

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