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What’s The Matter With KU Law?


I haven’t spoken to my old friend Caleb Stegall, now a Kansas state Supreme Court Justice, in years, but his name popped up this morning in a news story a friend sent to me:

Supreme Court Justice Caleb Stegall announced that he has ended his teaching relationship to the University of Kansas School of Law. This was in response to a controversy surrounding a speaker the student chapter of Federalist Society brought onto campus.

In a six-page letter sent to the law school dean, Stegall said he would not renew his teaching relationship with the school after a blowup over the Federalist Society’s announcement it would host an attorney from an organization viewed by some as a “hate group.”

Here is a link to Justice Stegall’s letter. It’s a PDF, so I have to provide excerpts by screengrab:

These students, who are clearly upset, should have been warned that such manipulative and babyish behavior at a law school would not be tolerated by an actual adult. The fact that they resorted to that tactic — one that is commonly seen all over — shows how decadent and weak the administrations of institutions have become. It is a shame that they would hire such lawyers to represent me.

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