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Whatever Musk’s Twitter Plans, Social Media Still No Match for Real Life


Whatever Musk’s Twitter Plans, Social Media Still No Match for Real Life
Paul Dragu

The savior of social media has arrived. His name is Elon Musk. He builds space rockets and electric cars. And now he’s the owner of Twitter, a major social-media platform the globalist regime uses to brainwash the public.  

Musk’s Twitter acquisition is driving the Left — including the ones within Twitter — bonkers. It would be more surprising if that weren’t the case. Anything that threatens to loosen the commie mob’s near-monopoly on the public narrative triggers the commie mob into a rabid rage. We wait to see how much of this supposed threat will actually become reality. There’s more to Musk than space rockets and electric cars.

Whatever changes Musk will bring to Twitter, he is providing the Right with hope. And that makes sense. He at least talks as if he respects freedom of speech. The Far Left doesn’t even pretend anymore. They’ve moved on to the justification stage. Safety is the flavor excuse of the week. Just as censorship kept you safe from “misinformation” about the wonderful Covid-19 vaccines, it’ll protect you from the “disinformation” saying our dear wonderful leaders and institutions are running our economy and military like an out-of-gas American sportscar (not to be confused with all the real out-of-gas cars they’ve helped create).  

As has any news and activist organizations worth their salt these days, The New American magazine and its parent organization, The John Birch Society, have been censored by Big Tech. Both entities are shadowbanned on Twitter and both are restricted on YouTube and Facebook. For an illustration of what this has meant, on October 2020, TNA’s Facebook page was averaging a monthly reach of about 2 million people. Not too long afterward, Facebook notified us it was restricting our account. Their justification is the same so many others who’ve reported the truth received: we reported “false information.” This is how the upside-down world works. Lies are truth and truth is lies.

Shortly after Facebook’s clampdown, TNA’s monthly reach plummeted to 120,000 — from two million! Big Tech accounts for both entities remain chained to this day. But — but — while Big Tech may have succeeded in curbing TNA and JBS social media and, to a far lesser degree, overall digital traffic, it hasn’t negatively affected JBS and TNA growth. In fact, since Big Tech began clamping down on dissenters, TNA subscriptions and JBS memberships have only risen. And in each case, those numbers have climbed at rates much higher than we’ve seen in decades.

How could this be?

One obvious reason is because social media is no match for reality. The real world is where our members and supporters live and work. Furthermore, in ways that matter most, our low standing with the Deep State-controlled Big Tech apparatus makes us more credible. People have approached JBS coordinators somewhat suspiciously because they found our videos on Big Tech platforms. If you guys are really telling the truth, how come you’re still allowed on YouTube? we’ve been asked. After learning that our social-media influence has been decimated, they were ready to listen.

Big Tech social-media platforms are dingy digital forums overrun with noise and confusion. They are dominated by people who’ve become victims of a campaign to render common people less informed and psychologically unstable. Social media is toxic. Whatever good it contributes, it is outweighed by the harm it causes. This isn’t a secret. Leaked reports within social media platforms have confirmed they know this.

And to the point, social media is not necessary to make a difference. Sure, it can help people communicate, but all of that can be done without Facebook and Twitter, just as it was done for the entirety of American history. I believe that social media actually hinders learning and effective activism. Activism is more effective with real-life campaigns than digital ones. Here’s an example out of the field. In Ohio, citizens wanted Constitutional Carry, a redundant law that doesn’t require law-abiding citizens to beg the government for permission to carry a concealed firearm. For a year, Birchers made phone calls and showed up to the state capitol to speak to and influence their legislators and governor. The end result was that Ohio is now one of 24 states to have passed Constitutional Carry. This happened despite the anti-Constitutional Carry social media hysteria of the commie mob.

Another example is the number of sheriffs who ignored mask mandates during the height of the Covid Hysteria campaign. Big Tech worked hand-in-hand with Big Media to try to convince us that making everyone walk around with worthless cloth masks and dust masks over our faces to prevent a microbial disease from spreading made sense. Meanwhile, in the real world, citizens talked to their sheriffs — via phone and in person — to remind them that their oath required them to ignore such asinine edicts. Sheriffs all across the country, even in California and New York counties, refused to endorse mask mandates. I lived in one such county.

My last example is the public’s turning on the Establishment Regime. People don’t believe the propaganda anymore. They don’t believe that vaccines are safe. They don’t believe that inflation and skyrocketing gas prices are caused by Putin. They don’t believe that the Biden family isn’t corrupt to the core and his administration intentionally bent on destroying this country. Despite leaning on Big Tech, the Regime has so lost control of the narrative that it now wants to create a Ministry of Truth-type speech Gestapo. This screams desperation.

Whether or not Elon Musk will free Twitter from the patients who’ve taken over the asylum remains to be seen. If he does, that’ll certainly be a good thing. Despite it being no substitute for reality, it’s still better to have a social media landscape that allows ideas to flow freely than not.

But whatever comes of it, we don’t need Twitter. Patriots are a scattered army spread in every state and county of the United States. And that’s where the action is. Attend your city council meetings—in real life. Meet with your police chief and sheriff. Meet with your state legislator. Visit your capitol. And meet with neighbors to discuss what is happening and organize to restore this country. All this can, and should, be done without social media.

Let’s do real life. And let’s see what a difference this will make.

If you’d like to get active, but you’re not sure where to start, contact a local JBS coordinator, who will tell you more about what we’re doing and where your nearest JBS chapter is.

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