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What Elections Won’t Fix


We typically talk about elections in terms of data and hot takes—the language of pollsters, pundits, and plodding academics like myself. All of that is not sufficient for the moment. Yet, the questions and issues of our time transcend ordinary electoral politics.

Despite all the chaos of his two years in office, Donald Trump is still a symbol of all the deeper questions that we want to answer through politics. His enemies still want to destroy him. His supporters want redemption (revenge?) 2024. There’s no doubt that the Republican Party is still Trump’s party. Trump will run for the nomination if he so chooses, and he has announced his candidacy to be the nominee after the 2022 midterm elections. Trump leads among Republican primary voters, according to poll after poll. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, however, is Trump’s only real challenger.

DeSantis is a good observer of the terrain but refuses to challenge Trump. On the other hand, it is possible that the public’s views on Trump have hardened to the point where they now constitute a ceiling that he cannot break through. The…

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