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Westminster College offers course titled 'How to Be a B*tch'


Westminster College in Utah is offering a two-credit course titled “How to Be a B*tch” — the actual course title includes the full uncensored profanity.

“(Re)framing Women in Leadership” What can the media tell us about women and gender and leadership, aggression, and behavior? What can interpersonal and organizational communication tell us? Why are words like ‘b*tch’ and ‘bossy’ so interesting yet problematic? Are they a burden or a badge? Come unpack B*tch and its related adjectives to figure out what you want to embrace and what we wish would go away,” a course description states.

The course, which runs from May 8th to June 3rd, is not brand new. However, it has been offered in the past.

Dr. Kim Zarkin is listed as one of the instructors — according the college’s website, Zarkin’s “primary area of research is the regulation of sexually explicit speech.”

The school currently offers a four credit course called “Dead White Women” in the Spring 2023 semester.

“With programing that holds salacious title such as Stalked or Last Seen Alive. Surviving Evil. Southern Fried Homicide. House of Horrors: Kidnapped. Beauty Queen Murders. Dates from Hell. Swamp Murders.

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