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Video: Three different oil facilities in Texas and Mexico are engulfed by fires in one day


In one day, three different oil facilities owned and operated by the same company were destroyed by fires. Pemex owned the oil facilities, which were located in Texas or Mexico.

Petroleos Mexicanos was best known for their Pemex brand. On Thursday, three of their oil plants were set on fire by Petroleos Mexicanos. Eight people were injured in the fires, and five more were missing as of Thursday night. Bloomberg reported that one person died in the fire.

According to the Mexican state-owned Mexican oil company, five people were still missing and three others were admitted to the hospital after a fire broke out at a Pemex storage unit in Ixhuatlan del Sureste. This incident occurred in Veracruz in Mexico.

The fire was put out. But, it is not clear what caused the fire.

Pemex also confirmed the existence of a fire at its Minatitlan refinery located in Veracruz (Mexico). Five people were hurt in the fire. According to the oil company, the fire did not disrupt the operations of the refinery and did not cause any damage to any equipment.

Pemex stated, “It’s presumed that product runoff from a hot surface was the probable cause of the fire.”

A third fire broke out at Deer Park’s Pemex-run refinery. The incident was declared “all-clear”, and the fire was quickly extinguished.


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