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US Capitol attack committee issues subpoenas to 10 senior Trump officials


US Capitol attack committee issues subpoenas to 10 senior Trump officials

US Capitol attack

US Capitol attack committee issues subpoenas to 10 senior Trump officials

  • Stephen Miller and Kayleigh McEnany among those subpoenaed
  • Committee expands investigation into events of 6 January
The subpoenas were issued to the Trump officials in order to ‘know precisely what role the former president and his aides played in efforts to stop the counting of the electoral votes’.

Most of the subpoenas appear aimed at uncovering details about how Trump pressured Pence to stop the certification of Joe Biden’s election win at the 6 January joint session of Congress, and whether it was connected to the Capitol attack.

The select committee said investigators subpoenaed Miller since he pushed state legislators to send alternative slates of electors as part of an attempt to return Trump to office, and a wider effort to spread lies about voter fraud that had been debunked by the justice department and others who have declared 2020 the most secure election in US history.

House investigators subpoenaed McEnany and McEntee given they were both in close proximity to Trump on 6 January as he watched the attack unfold on TV, the select committee said, and could shed light onto Trump’s actions during the insurrection.

The subpoena for Kellogg, a top aide to Pence, came in part because he was reportedly a direct witness to a January 2021 meeting with Trump and White House counsel Pat Cipollone when the former president told Pence not to certify Biden’s win.

Kellogg, the select committee said, was also present in the White House during the Capitol attack, and reportedly has “direct information about the former president’s statements about, and reaction to, the insurrection”.

The 10 Trump officials targeted in the latest round of subpoenas reflect a new strategy adopted by House investigators in recent weeks to target aides in Trump’s direct orbit, as well as their aides in turn, who are less able to attempt to claim executive privilege and stonewall the inquiry.

Then White House chief of staff Mark Meadows may have a potential claim to executive privilege, but if he had told Williamson, his top aide, what he knew about any involvement by Trump in relation to the events that unfolded on 6 January, Williamson would be more likely to have to provide that information to investigators.

Williamson did not respond on Tuesday to requests for comment from the Guardian.

Other aides have been subpoenaed in relation to activities such as involvement on behalf of Trump in spreading lies and pressuring election officials about unfounded election fraud and being present at meetings about overturning Biden’s victory.

The select committee gave all 10 Trump officials until 23 November to comply with the document requests in the subpoena, with deposition dates scheduled through December. It was not immediately clear on Tuesday whether any of the officials would cooperate.


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