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Under No Circumstances Did Joe Biden Save Social Security


This week’s The Reason RoundtableThe editors Matt Welch (Kate ManguWard), Nick Gillespie and Peter Suderman discuss Congress’s insatiable interest in reforming entitlements.

0:26 Joe Biden, entitlement spending

32:08: Weekly Listener Questions

38:16: We have new data about school children leaving public schools

47:54: Super Bowl lightning round

55:03: This week’s cultural recommendations

In this podcast:

Matt Welch: “The State of Our Union Sustains”

Eric Boehm: “Biden promises to let Social Security’s ship sink.”

Elizabeth Nolan Brown: “Joe Biden is the Travel Agent in Chief,”

Matt Welch, “Biden and Journalists agree: Republicans would deliberately ‘Crash’ the Economy,”

“The 19 Percent Solution” by Nick Gillespie & Veronique De Rugy

Nick Gillespie: “Robert Pontio: Why our Children Can’t Learn to Read”

“Winsome Earlesears: School Choice ‘Is Now” Brown v. Board Nick Gillespie, “Fight”

“How can Democrats pay for free college, paid vacation, or expanding social security?” Alexis Garcia and Zach Weissmueller

“Social Security, Snoopy Snoopy Poop Dogg, & Alan…

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