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Tucker Carlson and The Forbidden Tapes


Tucker Carlson and The Forbidden Tapes

State of the Union: Takeaways from the first part of Tucker Carlson’s investigation of January 6 security footage.

On Monday, Tucker Carlson released the first part of his team’s investigation into about 40,000 hours of security footage from the U.S. capitol from January 6, 2021. Carlson showed his vast audience the video footage that proved the uniparty narrative surrounding January 6 was a hoax. 

“Democrats in congress, assisted by Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney, lied about what happened that day. They lie. That is conclusive, and that fact should prevent them from ever being taken seriously again,” Carlson said Monday night.

Carlson certainly has a way with words—it’s no secret why his nightly program constantly tops the ratings, and by a wide margin. However, Carlson’s Monday footage said more than Carlson could have ever.

Carlson used additional footage from January 6th that had not been made public to start the first series of clips.

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