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Official from Top Biden Nat Sec Takes the Time to Talk About His Top 40 Albums in 2022


What happened: Colin Kahl (the Biden administration’s Under Secretary of Defense for Policy) exposed himself as an offensive hipster nerd. posting A list of his top 40 albums from 2022, an year when U.S. national security officers were probably working hard to deal with the Russian invasion in Ukraine.

BackgroundKahl was one the most controversial nominees for President Joe Biden in 2021. Many of his critics pointed out his role in the Iran nuclear agreement, his hyperpartisan demeanor, and his snarky tweets calling the GOP the party of ethnic cleansing.

Analyse: The critics were right, obviously, but they failed to stop Kahl from being confirmed—a travesty of colossal proportions. The American people would not have approved his nomination if they knew what an insufferable, hipster dork that guy was. With each passing day Kahl remains in the U.S. security apparatus, our country becomes weaker.

Case in point: Washington Free Beacon Exclusively reported in November 2021, Kahl carries a huge man purse or “murse” like a psychopath. This is something that only someone who hates America would do.

In his own words: Kahl discussed…

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