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To the Republic for Which Wyoming stands


To the Republic for Which Wyoming stands

Wyoming is a place where reality can’t be denied but must be faced.

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After living in Wyoming for over a year, I’ve come to realize that Wyoming is more like a nation than a member of the United States.

Take the issue of “safety,” for example. Safety in other states means that no one should say anything that could cause you distress. Here, it means carrying bear spray and a gun when you go hiking and filling up your car when you have fewer than 100 miles of gas left—because you won’t see civilization for that long.  

BLM is the Bureau of Land Management in Wyoming. It does not refer to Black Lives Matter. BLM land is something I must explain to anyone from the East every time I mention it to them.   

In Wyoming, violence means a physical altercation, not misgendering someone whose personal pronouns don’t match his or her biology.

Wyoming’s Liz Cheney is often an expletive and not the apotheosis for political statesmanship or integrity.

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