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Tlaib accuses the NYT of spreading ‘transphobic hate’


Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan is accusing the New York Times of disseminating “transphobic hate.”

“The @nytimes has been providing a platform for transphobic hate & propaganda, with horrifying consequences,” Tlaib declared in a tweet. “During escalating assaults on trans people & trans rights nationwide, the New York Times is featuring writers debating whether trans people should even exist and scapegoating this already-marginalized community,” she declared in another tweet.

The lawmaker linked to a web page that invites people to, “Sign now to tell the New York Times to stop providing a dangerous platform for transphobic hate, and instead amplify trans voices.”

“By featuring non-trans writers who scapegoat trans people and debate whether trans people even have a right to exist, the New York Times is normalizing hate and further targeting vulnerable communities. Because their platform is so powerful—not only widely read but also seen widely as legitimate—this is incredibly dangerous,” part of the message on the web page declares.

“To trans & non-binary people: I’m with you. I’m going to keep fighting for your right to exist, to be safe as your full authentic selves, & to thrive. Our safety & liberation is intertwined,” Tlaib tweeted. “The fights for trans rights and reproductive justice are wrapped up together. Our right to bodily autonomy—our ability to make decisions about our own bodies—is under threat. This affects ALL of us. We must be in solidarity to defeat the growing fascist movement to control us,” she added.

Tlaib, who entered office in 2019 and then won re-election in 2020, is a far-left member of the nation’s legislature — she is one of the many Democratic lawmakers who are original cosponsors for a “Trans Bill of Rights” resolution.

Radical leftist gender ideology remains an issue of raging cultural debate in the U.S., but as the left seeks to push the dogmas, many Americans have remained steadfast in opposing the reality-defying ideology.

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