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Thug allegedly tosses Molotov cocktail at cops — who tackle suspect, use baton strikes and 'pain-compliance techniques' when he resists arrest


A 32-year-old man allegedly tossed a Molotov cocktail at police in Corning, California, earlier this week — after which an off-duty officer tackled the suspect, KRCR-TV reported.

The suspect refused to be arrested. Police used baton strikes as well as “pain compliance techniques” to subdue him.

What are the details?

Officers claimed that they heard loud banging from the Third Street police station just after 5:05 p.m. on Wednesday. The station also reported that Cassidy Russ was seen walking towards Solano Street.

Police said Russ was fumbling with an item near his waistband while walking away and ignoring officers, KRCR reported — and that’s when he lit a Molotov cocktail, threw it toward an officer, and ran away west on Solano Street.

According to police, the Molotov cocktail was too far away from the officer and exploded nearby a parked vehicle.

According to the station, officers chased Russ on foot, in a patrol car and finally caught up with him by an off-duty officer.

KRCR reported that Russ tried to resist arrest by hiding his hands in his backpack and waistband.

As he refused to surrender to police, officers used baton strikes, “pain-compliance methods” and other tactics.

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