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Seal Team Six rescues Thousands trapped in Sudan

Seal Team Six rescues Thousands trapped in Sudan

The civil war in Sudan is raging, and thousands Americans are trapped.

But there’s good news for some of them: America’s Seal Team Six has engaged in a covert rescue.

Nearly 100 U.S. diplomats and their families have been saved. However, many other American citizens still await evacuation.

The U.S. are currently working to aid the thousands who remain trapped. The White House announced the administration is actively working to facilitate the evacuation of U.S. citizens.

Mark Levin is concerned about how the U.S. intends to evacuate U.S. Citizens when there’s no longer an embassy.

“So, you’re a citizen and you’re stuck in Sudan,” Levin comments. “Who do you contact? There’s no embassy. You called 911? What do you do?”

“It’s like Afghanistan,” he continues. “We’re doing everything to get our citizens out, but you evacuated the embassy, so how are we getting our citizens out? You evacuated the military and the citizens are there — and they’re still there.”

“God knows what’s happening to them,” Levin says.

They evacuated trapped Americans’ only reprieve and the government also knew Sudan wasn’t in a good situation.

“I don’t know why we didn’t…

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