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This Week in Woke – Stop Objectifying Mummies


What is the problem? Mummies are objectified.

What happened? CNN Style reported that many British museums have stopped using the term “mummy”, which is used to describe the mummified remains and ancient Egyptians currently on display.

Why? To encourage museum guests to think of the person who once lived and to counter negative portrayals in popular culture of “supernatural monsters” mummies. Some museums are concerned that “mummy”, a relic from “imperial or colonial thinking” and actions that were based racial, racist understandings of this world, is being displayed in museums.

What is the solution? Alternate terms like “mummified person”, or “mummified relics of” are used. [the person’s name, if known]”To promote cultural sensitivity, inclusion.

BackgroundMummification was an expensive and complicated process, usually reserved for Egyptian rulers, nobility members, and government officials. These wealthy rulers are well-known for their prodigious use of slave labor, and animosity towards Jews.

They are saying this:: “By using terms such as ‘mummified person,’ we can begin to change our outlook and see these remains for what they really are—not objects or curiosities, but real…

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