These are the best tablets for any budget in 2021


    These are the best tablets for any budget in 2021

    iPads also offer lots of superb creativity apps not available on Android. Apple’s own GarageBand is fantastic. Artist’s favourite Procreate is available on iPad but not Android. This is not to say alternatives aren’t found on Android. They are. But iPad is miles out front in this area

    It also tends to get more high-profile games than Android, or at least earlier than Android. Why? Apple dominates the high-end and mid-range tablet markets, offering developers the biggest audience of people willing to pay for quality software.

    How much memory do I need on a tablet?

    There are two types of memory, RAM and storage. RAM is like a tablet’s short-term memory, letting the system run smoothly. 4GB is the ideal minimum for Androids, 3GB for iPads.

    You should spend more time considering storage. “64GB” may sound like a lot, but bear in mind the operating system and preinstalled apps will chew up some of this, perhaps 10-20GB.

    Fans of 3D games could fill a 32GB iPad 10.2 on the day they buy it, which is why Apple’s relatively expensive £100 jump to 128GB is so tempting. However, while a 32GB phone would be near-impossible to recommend in 2021, many people who just use a handful of apps will get on fine with a low-storage tablet. 16GB is a step too far, mind.

    What can you do on a tablet?

    Tablets can do most things a phone can. This becomes more a question of “what should you expect a tablet to do well?”

    Larger tablets make decent laptop replacements if you pair them with a solid keyboard accessory, and they have the software you’ll need. Somewhat simplified versions of Microsoft Office apps are available on iPad and for Android tablets, even including affordable Amazon Fire HD ones. The basics are sorted.

    Tablets are great for casual gaming, and the rise of game streaming platforms like Xbox Game Pass is an opportunity for tablets to shine. Some mobile games are also far better to play on a tablet, like XCOM Enemy Within and Baldur’s Gate.

    They are obviously good for watching movies, particularly Samsung tablets with OLED screens and a less square aspect ratio than iPads. Tablets are also good music-making devices, and art tools if they have a stylus.

    Which tablets and iPads support a stylus?

    If you want a tablet for doodling and digital art, you want a pressure-sensitive stylus. Apple and Samsung are the first companies to look at first in this area, and Samsung offers the most affordable really-rather-good option.

    It’s the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (£329), which includes a stylus in the box. Apple’s latest iPad 10.2 supports the excellent Pencil stylus, and also costs £329, but the pen costs an additional £89. That may seem a lot to spend when shopping for a relatively affordable tablet.

    Samsung’s higher-end Tab S7 and Tab S7+ also include a stylus. No iPads include a stylus in the box, although all current-generation iPad does support one of the versions of the Apple Pencil.

    Which Apple Pencil do I need for my iPad

    There are two versions of the Apple Pencil, the 1st generation and 2nd generation. These are not interchangeable. If you try to use the wrong type with your iPad, it won’t work.

    Buy an iPad 10.2 or iPad mini and you’ll need the £89 Pencil 1st Generation. The iPad Air and all current iPad Pro models need the £119 Pencil 2nd Generation.

    If you want to buy a second-hand or refurb iPad, check Apple’s compatibility page for information on legacy support.

    Which is the cheapest iPad?

    The iPad 10.2 is the cheapest iPad at £329. It costs £70 less than the £399 iPad Mini, despite having similar core specs. However, Apple tooled this tablet up specifically to draw in people with budgets closer to £300 as it is the only iPad available with 32GB storage.

    All the other iPad models start with either 64GB or 128GB.

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