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The War by Women


The War by Women

Don’t believe the hype: The explosion in militant LGBT identification is due to bad mothers.

It ought to go without saying that no toddler has ever gone to a drag show of his own volition—at least if for no other reason than that toddlers do very little on their own.

Just like the agency itself, the blame lies elsewhere. To be fair, the creeps who dress in fetishized pastiches of femininity to dance and gyrate before helpless children deserve some of the backlash. But the real culpability lies with the parents who drag their unsuspecting children into the lion’s den of rainbow activism.

More specifically, it’s the mothers. Even more specifically, it’s white activist mothers whose participation in the LGBT craze is essential to their escape from the oppressor class and their tumble into the society of the future.

The video is available to view videos Women who bring their children to drag queen story hour as fodder for the fantasies and less stable men; who then line up before school boards to plead their cases before legislators

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