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The Tomb Will be Empty

The Tomb Will be Empty

The Tomb Will be Empty

Holy Saturday meditation

St. Peter weeping before the Virgin (Guercino).

Holy Saturday is heavy.

The drama of Good Friday—the tragic excitement of the Passion—has passed. The memory of His Body still has the stinging sensations of spear and Lash, but it is only faintly. Something numbs your senses. The Resurrection awaits.

The tomb holds the Lord’s body.

It is tempting to skip this day. The broad strokes narrative includes Good Friday, Easter, dying, and the Resurrection. But in between is death.

There is Hell. He fell into Hell—we do not say this in vain when we recite the Apostles’ Creed. The Lord of all creation entered into the realm of the dead to lead the holy souls to Paradise, where they had waited since the beginning. It is a divine gift of extraordinary proportions: the salvation, in a single instant, of the patriarchs, millennia worth of the just.

There are also mundane things at the same instant.

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