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The Ratcatcher Reprise

The Ratcatcher Reprise

The Ratcatcher Reprise

State of the Union: An extended history of Disney’s attempt to court, capture, and exert public powers they should not have.

Monday is a holiday. The American Conservative I have published an exclusive interview with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Ron DeSantis on his war against Disney. Some spicy quotes about the Governor’s view of economics—“What is a free market?”—as well as some statements that hinted DeSantis has some paleoconservative leanings—“We’re a distinct country. We have a distinct people, and that needs to mean something”—garnered the most attention. 

But let’s not miss the forest for the trees. Every one of those quotes is ultimately in service to the central question of sovereignty the governor and I explored in Tallahassee on Tuesday last week: “Who is to be master—the people’s duly elected representatives, or a private enterprise?”

TAC Managing Editor Jude Russo put it this way in a tweet, “Economic questions are weak tea compared to political questions, especially the only really…

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