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The Questions John Durham Didn’t Ask


The Questions John Durham Didn’t Ask

He wraps up Russiagate with the prosecution of Igor Danchenko. We have only questions about John Durham.

We are left with only questions about John Durham’s actions as he closes his Russiagate investigation, which included the failed prosecution of Igor Danchenko.

This was a failed coup attempt against the President of the United States. The mainstream media did not cover it. It is best to begin with what we have learned. James Comey, FBI Director, knew almost immediately that the Steele dossier was political nonsense. The FBI used false information to start a legal proceeding against American citizens. It included Donald Trump as a candidate. The FBI’s goal was to destroy candidate Trump—and, when that failed, destroy President Trump—by tagging him as a Russian agent.

As an organization, the FBI knew in 2017 that there was a good chance of it happening.

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