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The @ProFootballTalk account pivots to gas prices – twitchy.com


Good news! The @ProFootballTalk account is now blasting out economic takes to its 1.7 million followers:

“Since gas prices are currently a hot topic for debate, here’s a fact: The retail sellers of gasoline (conveniences stores, gas stations, grocery stores, wherever) put their thumbs on the scale harder, the higher the price goes.”

Guys, they know “how the game works”:

We assume it’s sportswriter Mike Florio writing the tweets:

And, no, it isn’t a joke:

He’s also wrong:

How many times do we have to point this out?

“Stick to football”:

Boy, it’s REALLY WEIRD how “conveniences stores, gas stations, grocery stores, wherever” didn’t do this in past years:

But, hey, they must defend the elderly and failing president:



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