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The Powerful LGBT Group Behind California's Most Radical Laws Is Setting Its Sights on Washington


If you’ve ever been shocked by a radically progressive California law, chances are you have one group to blame.

Equality California was established 20 years ago to support LGBT rights. Since then, it has become a prominent player in California politics. Fueled by millions of dollars in donations from corporations like AT&T and Comcast to advocacy groups like Planned Parenthood, the progressive group has emerged as the savviest user of Sacramento’s legislative system. Together with its Democratic allies, Equality California helps set the legislative agenda and has pushed all manner of “woke” policies that help minors get sex changes in secret and let men into women’s prisons.

This group wants to leave a mark on the rest. The group’s Washington, D.C. office lobbyists for federal legislation to legalize and grant amnesty for illegal immigrants, ban guns, and allow abortion to be legalized. Donors who give $50,000 or more to the group are given access to Equality California’s highest donor tier, “National Trailblazer.” Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D. Calif.), praised the group and warned that those who stand in the way or hinder liberty’s progress will be out of favor.

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