The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are impossible to ignore


    The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are impossible to ignore

    The results are typically Pixel while also being better than ever before. The detail is lush and the colours are refreshingly true to life, with Google’s AI capabilities never feeling overenthusiastic and simply ensuring as high a picture quality as possible. 

    Whether you are up close or snapping a busy scene, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro provide quick and pleasing images. Where the Pixel 6 range falls slightly short of rivals like the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is in less busy, wider shots. Landscape snaps provide a bit less detail than cameras with more to offer in the ultrawide department, potentially shortchanging Pixel fans who delight in taking pictures of a far off sunset or city skyline.

    We’ve waited a while for Google to throw everything at a “Pro” camera, and the 4X optical zoom folded telephoto lens truly delivers. The Pixel 6 Pro now firmly tussles with the very best camera phones on the market in the zoom department. When compared with the pricier S21 Ultra, it offers less detail, but the difference is negligible while the resulting images provide a realistic colour when put up against the cooler Samsung photos. 

    The images you can get at 4X zoom and lower are frequently phenomenal, leaving you with pics that the average sub-£900 camera phone often delivers in standard, unmagnified images. Pixel owners will be posting impressive images across Instagram and the like, leaving others none the wiser any punching in ever took place.

    Where the new set of cameras really shines, though, is in low-light conditions. The results can be jaw-dropping. In some truly atrocious lighting conditions, it is possible to get glorious, crisp images that don’t overdo it on sharpening to fix any issues. The marvel extends to using the zoom function at night, too – accurately representing lightning conditions, keeping faces visible and prioritising detail over rampantly ditching darkness.

    Of course, this is a Google device, so AI capabilities remain front and centre, with the Pixel team touting a range of software-based new camera toys. The pick of the bunch is Magic Eraser – a tool to remove unwanted objects, people and animals that are otherwise cluttering up your photos. Admittedly, Magic Eraser is best used in images with less going on, such as a wide shot of you and your significant other with a pesky onlooker creeping into the shot 50 metres behind. But, it really does work. The software immediately suggests changes Magic Eraser could make when you enter the editing menu, but you can choose subjects yourself, too. As the person who knows what you’ve erased, you might more readily see where it’s been carried out, but, to the unaware, it really it pretty much lives up to its moniker.

    The Pixel camera may have long been praised for its photographic results, it’s never truly nailed video. The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro aren’t racing ahead of the pack by any means, but you can worry no longer. Both phones are capable of 4K 60fps, providing clips that are super smooth, steady in movements and colour accurate.

    Published at Mon, 25 Oct 2021 16:00:00 +0000

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