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The Market Speaks: America has Too Many Journalists


What happened?U.S. employers added over half a million jobs in the last month, which highlights what the New York Times called the labor market’s “extraordinary vibrancy” at a time when technology firms and media companies are laying off thousands of employees.

Why it matters: The robust job growth suggests that when it comes to the American economy, most journalists are superfluous chaff. Market has spoken: Less journalists equals more jobs for real workers.

Background: Washington PostThe publication, owned by Jeff Bezos, has fired numerous journalists since November. The paper’s employee union denounced the layoffs as “unacceptable” during a “time of continued growth and expansion.” Fact check: Post lost half a million subscribers since President Joe Biden took office, a decline of roughly 20 percent.)

Many media outlets struggle to survive in the post Trump era. Mainstream journalists and their target audience simply don’t care about holding a Democratic president responsible. CNN fired hundreds of employees in December, Vox Media did the exact same thing in January, citing the “economic climate” in poor countries.

Friday’s jobs report shows that the economic climate is actually quite good for real…

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