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The Educational Ship Comes To a Shauddering Stand


“Ben! Come here, sweetheart.” Ben runs into his bedroom and throws himself on his bed. His mother follows him. His father is getting ready to go to work in the other restroom. “Ben. It’s time to brush your teeth. I’ve got your backpack ready…” “No!” he howls, and begins to cry more loudly, the tears interspersed with yells and kicks. His mom calls his father. They alternately soothe him and take him to the bathroom to brush their teeth. Then they move him to the car door.

Although the COVID school closings have been ended for now, their effects on Ben and other children are not. A teenage girl’s sports dreams were dashed. A seven-year-old boy needs opportunities to interact with other children because he’s not used to socializing. A 15-year-old’s school is still closed, and he sits at home.

These outcomes were not selected by United States CDC or world health experts. The CDC guidelines were frequently cited by local and regional educational authorities when making or negotiating decisions about schools within their jurisdiction. The CDC is not the only source of guidance. We did not recommend Schools will be closed after 2020’s summer. Their reopening instructions were…

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