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The Case for the Citizen Militia to Prepare for the Coming Collapse


The Case for the Citizen Militia to Prepare for the Coming Collapse

Our founders recognized what makes for a secure community of people who lived FREELY. The first of its kind American form of Republic made liberty the key feature: a blessing to be preserved for the next generation in perpetuity for as long as that form of Republic would be kept intact. Our adversaries want to divorce our Republic from its Americanism and from esteeming liberty as its highest virtue. The enemies of liberty: monarchists and collectivists alike have been hunting to make prey the lion of Liberty since its inception. Liberty is under assault. The Governed have bent their bows and positioned their infantryman against the bulwarks of the governed to enforce their unconstitutional decrees under threat of penalty to coerce consent and they are not gonna stop simply by virtue of our compliance. You cannot comply your way out of tyranny.

The Founders understood that the most necessary duty to preserve security in a state that is free and would remain that way IS the militia. Does the militia exist in the way that our founders would recognize today? Are there any statutes from the period that they ratified the second amendment that would qualify how we approach security today in any form to how they did at the height of liberty’s ascension? I believe the answer is an emphatic “NO” and that the corrosion of that which makes free people secure is leading us to a cliff of catastrophe.

In this episode, I was invited to speak at an event in Summerville, GA called, “Fix 2020!!” by the campaign manager for Kandiss Taylor, the founders of Liberty Water, and Chatooga 2A and I made “The Case for the Citizen Militia to prepare for the Coming Collapse.”

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Published at Wed, 03 Nov 2021 23:00:00 +0000


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