Home People Teens murdered dad 'execution'-style because he took away their laptops: Police

Teens murdered dad 'execution'-style because he took away their laptops: Police


Four teenagers from South Carolina are currently in custody facing serious charges after they allegedly lured an elderly man out of his apartment, then shot him to death.

On November 14, four teens — three of whom are 14 and one of whom is 15 — allegedly arrived at the apartment in Rock Hill, South Carolina, approximately an hour north of Columbia, where 38-year-old Larry Ingram Jr. lived. Reports state that the teens then attempted to get Ingram out of his apartment, kicking and throwing things at his door.

Police say that Ingram was shot in the back by the teens as he walked out of his apartment. He was again shot after he fell to the ground. WSOC-TV reported “one of the teens shot Ingram many times.” It is not clear if Ingram died instantly or later from his injuries.

Eric Olson, Rock Hill police detective, called the shooting “an execution.”

After police discovered the Glock handgun used in the murder, the four teenagers were arrested. It was wrapped in clothing and placed in a wooded area. Although reports vary on whether any of the four teens will face murder charges there is no doubt that at least three of them will. All four were charged with conspiring to commit murder.

According to police, two of the four teens have been identified as…

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