Home News Taco Bell to Host “Drag Brunch” to Celebrate LGBTQ Culture

Taco Bell to Host “Drag Brunch” to Celebrate LGBTQ Culture


Taco Bell to Host “Drag Brunch” to Celebrate LGBTQ Culture

The latest American corporation to embrace the far-left “woke” agenda is fast-food chain Taco Bell, which recently announced that it will host what it calls its “Taco Bell Drag Brunch” at select cities across the United States. The brunches will be hosted by drag model Kay Sedia and will include local drag performers.

The first event was held on May 1 in Las Vegas. From there, the show will move to Chicago on May 22, Nashville on May 29, New York on June 12, and Fort Lauderdale on June 26.

The events are being put on by the Taco Bell Foundation and are an attempt to support the It Gets Better Project with a grant intended to expand workforce readiness resources for LGBTQIA+ youth.

Despite the stated purpose of the grant — to support LGBT youth — you must be 18 years old to secure a reservation, and alcohol will be served. After people with reservations are seated, the general public will be allowed in.

“It wouldn’t be brunch without delicious breakfast and refreshing bubbly, so attendees can expect Taco Bell breakfast, including the new $5 Bell Breakfast Box and new Cinnabon Delights Coffee, mimosas (please drink responsibly) and more,” the press release states.

Like seemingly everything else these days, the event is meant to celebrate the LGBT lifestyle.

“We understand the importance of creating safe spaces for the LGBTQIA+ community and are thrilled to provide a unique experience that spotlights and celebrates the wonderful artform of drag and its influence in culture with their chosen families,” said Sean Tresvant, Taco Bell’s global chief brand officer, in a statement.

“Taco Bell Drag Brunch was concepted by Live Más Pride, Taco Bell’s LGBTQIA+ Employee Resource Group, which has played a major role in driving awareness of and meaningfully supporting LGBTQIA+ communities both within Taco Bell and the communities we serve and operate in,” Tresvant said.

According to the press release, Live Más Pride boasts membership “of over 100 members across the brand.” Taco Bell has more than 200,000 employees worldwide. Assuming “over 100” means between 100 and 200, it seems like a pretty big fuss to put on for less than .1 percent of the workforce.

Of course, Taco Bell is just one of the latest big companies to fall prey to pressure from LGBTQ activists. Everyone knows about the Walt Disney Company’s capitulation to the LGBTQ agenda in Florida. The media company, which aims much of its programming at children, protested loudly about the state’s Parental Rights in Education law, which bars teachers from talking about sexual issues with children from kindergarten through third grade. The media giant has also begun airing ads that support transgender therapies for youth.

Taco Bell’s “Drag” theme has already been embraced by several school systems and public libraries nationwide, which promote “drag queen” story hours.

Sadly, even some churches have bowed to pressure from LGBTQ activists. Trinity Lutheran Church in Greenville, South Carolina, is promoting an event called “Drag Me to Church,” which will feature a performer called “Lady Douche.”

“You’ll be endlessly entertained as the Lady Douche leads us through her unique style of worship which includes as many laughs as it does amens!” the church’s Facebook page announced.

And Warner Bros., which operates the Discovery Plus streaming service, is airing its own perversion called “Generation Drag.” The premise of this show is that five teenagers, along with their families, prepare for a large drag show for children known as “Dragutante.”

“Five Teenagers Prepare for Their Biggest Drag Performance,” a press release touting the show reads.

The list of companies now actively promoting the LGBTQ agenda either directly or through targeted advertisements is long and growing longer. As companies continue to “go woke,” it appears they don’t care about “going broke,” which suggests that the companies see this not as an economic imperative, but a cultural one.

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