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Florida Drive-By Shooting Wounds 11: Suspects Are Sought


LAKELAND, Fla.—The four-door sedan pulled up near an intersection in a central Florida city where people were milling about, the tinted windows came down and people from inside the vehicle started shooting in all directions, wounding 11 men, including two critically, police officials said.
Just a moment earlier, a school bus dropped off children from the Lakeland area on Monday afternoon.
“It sounded like one of those huge rolls of firecrackers tied up to each other,”

said neighborhood resident Tina Smith, who lives 50 feet from the lot where the shootings took place. “But you knew it wasn’t firecrackers.”
Tuesday’s announcement by authorities saw them offer a $5,000 reward for any information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the suspects in the Lakeland shooting. The city has 112,000 inhabitants, located half way between Tampa and Orlando .

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