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Staff Exodus: Another Kamala aide heads for the exit


Jamal Simmons, the communications director for Vice-President Kamala Harris announced Friday that he was stepping down. It is the latest departure in a string of exodus from the vice presidency’s staff.

Simmons, who is set to step down from the role in the next month, stated Politico Vice President, it has been an honor to serve as his personal vice president.

“I’m so grateful to her confidence in me,” said the outgoing staffer.

Harris’ gaffes are reportedly increasing tensions in the West Wing and several high-ranking staffers have resigned from her office. Tina Flournoy was the former chief of staff, Michael Fuchs was former deputy chief and Rohini Kosoglu was a former domestic policy advisor.

Simmons encouraged Harris to conduct more interviews during his time in the office of the VP. Politico reported:

As comms director, his tenure helped to stabilize the vice-president’s team. He also pushed them to take a more offensive position after a first year filled with missteps, scrutiny, and uncertainty. [which] Harris’s office nor the White House weren’t prepared.

Simmons was one of Harris’ most vocal aides, encouraging him to conduct more interviews. He advocated for…

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