Home Entertainment ‘So…87,000 Armed IRS Agents Walk Into a Bar…’ – RedState

‘So…87,000 Armed IRS Agents Walk Into a Bar…’ – RedState


The Feds are hiring! Soon, the IRS will be hiring 10 times the number of FBI special agents now on the government payroll. In fact, the IRS will be bigger than the Pentagon, State Department, Border Patrol, and FBI, combined. The IRS will be hiring gun totin’ accountants “ready to use deadly force.” Don’t fear, America–they aren’t coming after you…

Here’s some simple math. The average base salary of an IRS agent is $55,000. With benefits, let’s kick it up to $70,000. That means the IRS will be paying these new 87,000, gun-packin’ nerds a combined $6,090,000,000. Just to come close to breaking even, the IRS will have to collect more than an additional $6 billion. The IRS doesn’t plan to “break even.”

Check my numbers — I might get audited.

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