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Review: M3GAN


Gerard Johnstone’s M3GAN It brings down the shadows of the killer-doll movies and lets in the sun. The picture is fun for many reasons, but the most important reason is its unique star, M3gan (an unnervingly inflexible robo-girl) who’s literally an amazing piece of work. M3gan isn’t a toxic horror brat, in the tradition Chucky. However, she shouldn’t be allowed to touch the nail gun in the garage.

This movie is more fun than you might expect for January’s cursed movie month. Johnstone is making his second feature. He takes a contraintuitive approach to the genre and brings clarity to the action. Some of it plays out in brightly lit labs or sunny woodlands. He accepts the movie’s PG-13 rating. This isn’t due to traditional studio editing pressure. As he told the GamesRadar website, PG-13 is what he was aiming for—even to the extent of reshooting some scenes that might’ve verged too close to an R. “Some of my favorite films, like Drag Me to HellPG-13,” he stated. “It’s quite fun to rely on sound, suggestion and so many other things.”

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