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REVIEW: ‘Harry & Meghan’


Each nation has the right to have the royal family it needs. Americans used to be ruled by Hollywood royalty. However, Hollywood has fallen into virtue-signaling or television streaming. Harry and Meghan are pretenders to be American royalty in the 21st Century. A second-rate actress, and a sparse-part prince, are mocking the European past for a crowd who can’t recall it. Even though certain parts of the truth are clearly false, they speak their truth. These two must be the result of something horrible that Americans did.

Netflix’s Docuseries Harry & Meghan It is not a documentary but rather a six-hour Instagram story. It claims to be the real story of Megxit and their premature retirement as working princes. It also offers fascinating insight into their new life at a modest Montecito mansion. But, like everything else the couple says, it doesn’t quite add up. Harry claims that “we know the whole truth.” Why is it so hard for us to believe?

Although they claim they want privacy, they have made $100 million in sales to Netflix and allowed cameras to enter their homes at all times. Harry claims the monarchy-media pact is a “dirty” game, but he is still an active participant. He claims that his family is now “cold” towards him. But he…

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