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Republicans Need to Learn the Lesson From RINOs Who Try to Appease Democrats Only to Get Scorched – RedState


The examples mount that Republicans playing up Democrat support does not lead to Dems supporting them.

The results came out of Michigan last night, and in the Republican primary the Trump-backed candidate for district MI-3, John Gibbs, won the party vote. He defeated incumbent Peter Meijer, who had been representing the region in D.C. – or had he? Meijer was a proud opponent of Trump, boasting how he was “the only freshman in history who voted to impeach a president from his own party,” and also an early name declaring Biden the rightful election winner.

Those supposedly historic stances did not lead to him earning the support of Michigan voters. They also led to him not earning any loyalty at all for his “brave” positions from Democrats, who clearly were benefactors of his positions. In the end, it led not to applause and support; the Democrats promptly turned on Meijer in a blatant fashion.

Despite appealing to and appeasing the Dems, that party went ahead and threw financial support towards Gibbs. The move was intended to earn Gibbs the nomination so the Democrats can then campaign against him as a Trump-favoring extremist. It is a craven and cynical political move – the DCCC is basically looking to demonize a candidate they backed with cash – and it is harsh treatment of a Republican who did their bidding. The lesson here is this is not an isolated instance.

Peter Meijer
AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Liz Cheney, heading the January 6 Commission, is currently the darling member of the GOP in the eyes of the Democrats and the media (redundancy noted). However, that verbal adoration is not leading to anything approaching tangible backing from that side. In her home state of Wyoming, Liz is facing not only a dismissal but a massive rebuke from her constituents. Polls show she is severely seen in the negative by voters, and her impending primary looks to be a bloodbath. She has become desperate enough to be seen begging for Democrats to cross over and register as GOP voters to support her.

The broader question, of course, is what is the motivation? The opposition backslapping and media stroking are surely nice for the ego, but ultimately, your task in D.C. is to represent your own people. Polls show that nationwide, a majority of Republicans have a dim view of Trump opponents. Cheney, in particular, earns even less support from Republicans nationally. So the only result has to be Democrats moving beside her, but repeatedly we see that is not the case.

In South Carolina, Tom Rice was an avowed opponent of Trump and in their primary, he was scorned by many Republicans, and all but abandoned by Democrats. Rice now finds himself knocking on doors looking for new work. But in Illinois, there is possibly an even more hostile example. In the case of Adam Kinzinger, Democrats are seen using the pliant Republican and tossing him aside like a soiled prophylactic.

Kinzinger has done just about everything expected of a Republican desperate for approval from the left. He has loudly opposed Trump, lectured and battled supportive Republicans, become a fixture on liberal outlets like MSNBC and CNN, as well as become a key figure on the J-6 Committee. All of this begging for approval with the subtlety of a puppy rolling on its back at their feet has led to Kinzinger becoming all but erased – by Democrats.

Following all of his fealty to that party, the last census meant redistricting was in order, and it has led to Dems in his state eliminating Kinzinger’s district. That was his reward for a couple of years’ worth of Democrat dedication; thanks for all your work, now go pound sand.

This repeated result should finally be realized by the few remaining stunted thinkers who might feel like becoming a political turncoat will lead to positive returns. In the end, Democrats have zero motivation to dole out rewards to those who have outlived their usefulness. The political payoff for this comes in the form of you collecting your final paycheck, as the Republicans are perfectly willing to discard RINOs who work against the intent of the party.

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