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Remix and Float downstream

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I bought a pint Stella Artois in Washington DC a few years back. I used to drink Stella quite a lot back in the day, but had fallen out of love with it for reasons I couldn’t quite identify. Because it looked the most familiar, I ordered it. Oh, the sensation of taking my first sip! The memories were flooding back! It was then I understood something I subconsciously had forgotten. Stella Artois’ formula was changed in the UK due to tax reasons. The ABV dropped from 5.2 to 4.8 percent, and then, monstrously to 4.6 percent. This was done in stealth. We weren’t supposed to notice and in a sense I hadn’t. I just slowly let it go until I was reminded how it was supposed be.

I mention this because something similar happened with the Beatles’ seventh studio album, Revolver. The stereo mix that was created in 1966 was horrible. Stereos were owned only by geeks back in 1966. So the Beatles, just like other bands, didn’t own any stereos.

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