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Rampant Plea bargaining is a raw deal for defendants


A new Report American Bar Association (ABA), has more evidence that plea bargains, which are a common practice in the justice system, distort the justice process and put defendants at disadvantage. The majority of federal criminal convictions in the United States stem from plea bargains. Plea guiltyThe same goes for 95 percent state convictions. According to the report, “Some jurisdictions have not experienced a criminal trial for many years.” A guilty plea is not an option. Guilt-free, absolute certainty: Nearly 11 percent of defendants exonerated from DNA evidence in 1989 had pleaded guilty.

Prosecutors may threaten more severe sentences, bail impositions, charges against the defendant’s relatives, and other measures to make defendants agree to plead guilty instead of going to trial. According to the report, “Some prosecutors might threaten to amend the charging documents by adding new charges to induce defendants to plead guilty.” Strategically, some prosecutors threaten to bring mandatory minimum sentencing charges. While the ABA taskforce members have different opinions on whether it is prudent to abolish mandatory minimums, all members agree that mandatory minimums should not be eliminated.

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