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Raise a glass, and give to Reason to Keep Prohibitionists Away From Winning


Prohibition is the only policy that represents everything wrong with government. The Noble Experiment in which alcohol was banned in America for 13 year was an example of almost every bad domestic policy. It included restrictions on what people can eat and how they put it in their bodies, demands for businesses to cease or alter operations, a police state that is too powerful, and even a repressive one. Tax policy. Drink culture and alcohol were also severely affected by the decade-plus of alcohol prohibitions.

Prohibition was enacted under the premise that government knows best—and that it should enforce that knowledge at the point of a gun. This resulted in one of the most economically and socially destructive policies in American history.

Even though Prohibition was abolished 100 years ago, we continue to celebrate its ending every December 5 with Repeal Day.

There is a good reason.

This is what you get. Reason All year. This is why you should help us celebrate Repeal Day.

Give to ReasonWe can’t allow modern-day prohibitionists to win.

Give today This…

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