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Quillette’s Most Read—2022


You are welcome to Quillette’s most popular articles of the year measured by number of pageviews from January 1 – December 27, 2022.

It’s a diverse mix, from cancel culture and nuclear energy to social-justice memes and the female orgasm. Our team of editors and the authors deserve congratulations for producing such high quality journalism.

Harvard University Recruited One of the Best Black Professors
Free Thought Lives
Quillette’s Most Read—2022
I’m Being Investigated by the British Columbia College of Nurses Because I Believe Biological Sex Is Real
Live a Free Life of Thought
Quillette’s Most Read—2022
Why I Left Academia (Since You’re Wondering)
I didn’t have a choice. Each year, thousands are driven from the profession.
Quillette’s Most Read—2022
The Fall of ‘Nature’
An once respected journal announced it would subordinating science from ideology.
Quillette’s Most Read—2022
Milton Academy Walkout
When high-school students can’t tolerate hearing the name of a book title, we know there’s a problem in education.
Quillette’s Most Read—2022
Unexpected Future
We should consider how to reverse or slow down rapid population decline
Quillette’s Most Read—2022
Germany’s Energy Catastrophe
Russia –

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