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There are many questions about John Fetterman’s alleged ability to write letters with fellow Democrats under hospital supervision while suffering from depression.


Senator John Fetterman is said to have written a Wednesday letter to Norfolk Southern CEO, the railroad responsible for the toxic disaster in East Palestine, Ohio, along with fellow Pennsylvania Democrats, Sen. Bob Casey, and Rep. Chris Deluzio.

Alan Shaw and his railroad company were asked to ensure Darlington Township residents who were affected by the rail accident have “equal access the financial and other resource” available.

Fetterman’s writing ability is what has raised eyebrows.

TheBlaze recently reported that the senator — who suffered a debilitating stroke during his campaign — checked into Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Feb. 16 to obtain treatment for “severe” depression. His disorientation after the February 7 State of the Union address by President Joe Biden was partly what prompted him to seek treatment.

One of the Senator’s aides stated to the Wall Street Journal, that Fetterman’s hospitalization had a therapeutic and medication component.

Fetterman’s office noted Monday’s news conference indicated that his recovery was underway. However, it would take several weeks. He also said that he continued to follow “Senate business” and “news.”

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