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Principalities and Powers

Demonic forces have never stopped running rampant through human affairs. They have stopped appearing.

Gustave Dore, The Vision of Death (Public Domain).
Our wrestling is not against flesh or blood, but against principalities, powers, against rulers of the darkness world, against the spirits that are wicked in the highest places.

Aaron Rodgers won’t take the Covid jab, but he will gulp down some ayahuasca. It’s a very strict organic diet.

At an inopportune hour in the middle of one night this week, as I lay awake and alone in a dark and sprawling and empty house, I stumbled upon purported details of the quarterback’s account of trips he took to Peru in the last few years.

According to some less-than-reliable websites and at most one viral Twitter thread, the Packers’ favorite anti-vaxxer claims that he’s been stalked by an entity he describes as “Hat Man” since going under the influence of powerful psychedelics. The Hat Man is a recurring trope in such visions—a dark and…

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