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Photos of Hunter Biden in Corvette on Site of Classified Docs, July 2017


Photos taken from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop prove that the scandal-stricken First Son had access the Corvette that President Joe Biden kept inside the garage where he illegally stored top secret government documents.

A Washington Free Beacon A laptop review revealed four 2017 photos of Hunter Biden. Hunter was dressed in a white collar shirt with a camouflage baseball caps, and behind the wheel of his 1967 Corvette Stingray. They were taken just outside of the residence of President Donald Trump in Wilmington, Del. at 6:49 PM on July 30 2017. The photos show Hunter Biden sitting in the vehicle with two young girls. Natalie Biden (12 years old at the time) appears to be one of his nieces. The other couldn’t be identified.

Although it’s not clear when Joe Biden transferred classified documents to his Wilmington home in the first place, sources close to him suggest that the transfer took place as Biden was closing down his vice presidential office in January 2017. CNN reports that this is according to CNN. These photos provide the strongest evidence yet that Hunter Biden was able to access areas of Joe Biden’s home where classified documents were stored. They also cast doubt on…

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