Out100 2021: 11 Creators Queering Entertainment Behind the Scenes


    Out100 2021: 11 Creators Queering Entertainment Behind the Scenes


    Before this year, Pierre Phipps had put his name in the history books as a rapper. As one half of the Freaky Boiz duo, he established himself as a pioneer of the gay rap movement. But now, he’s also an Emmy-winning film producer.

    Los Angeles-based for the past few years, Phipps has been working as a freelance producer with the likes of NBC, ABC, and CBS. With that work, he’s often “the only Black person in the room, the only Black person on set, or the only Black person on the email thread.” As a result, he’s cultivated a side-business of passion projects where he and his friends create the content and environments they want to see.

    In 2020, Phipps and his best friend, Dr. Louis Deon Jones, submitted five projects for the Emmy Awards. As they received updates on the progress of the titles, they felt fairly confident about quite a few, namely Cycles and NoHo: A North Hollywood Story. But instead, it was their dark horse, a short film called The Girl in Apartment 15 that made it onto the nominations list. And then, to the surprise of all involved — given that the work was the first short film for Phipps as producer, Jones as director, and Marquez Williams as writer — the movie won in the category of Outstanding Short Form Daytime Fiction Program.

    “My life has changed,” Phipps says. During quarantine, in addition to undergoing surgery, and found himself reaching into his own self. He now feels rejuvenated

    “Being a black gay industry professional I always felt like I wasn’t noticed, like I work so hard and my peers do not notice me and this year, with winning this Emmy and so many people giving me my flowers while I’m alive, it just means a lot to me,” he says. “I feel like the pandemic had a lot to do with that.” This fall has also seen the reemergence of Freaky Boiz, which dropped its debut album Freak Show in October. It will see them back on stages, likely through Pride 2022 season. 

    What’s next? “I’m going after the EGOT,” Phipp laughs. “After obtaining an Emmy I realized that anything is possible.”

    “I’m no longer afraid to show the world that I’m talented.”

     — Mikelle Street, Photo Ruben Glimpse

    Published at Mon, 01 Nov 2021 20:17:04 +0000


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