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A small step towards Native American Water Rights


The unthinkable happened in January for hundreds of homes in Phoenix’s Rio Verde suburb. Water was shut off. Cactus-pocked desert foothills residents were forced to take their showers without water, use paper plates, and transport their laundry to another place. Scottsdale, a nearby city, had been providing water delivery services to the community for many years. However, officials there have since discontinued this service. Decided They had to conserve water in order to provide services for their residents.

The middle Historical western water shortages After a 20-year drought, some people have expressed an interest in helping to meet water demand where there isn’t enough: Native American tribes. The truth is that many tribes cannot lease their water off the reservation because of outdated federal law.

President Joe Biden signed earlier this month Legislation Sens. Grants were made by Kyrsten Sinema (I-Ariz), and Mark Kelly (D-Ariz). the Colorado River Indian Tribes Authority to do something not possible for many Americans: Lease their water rights. The law is a positive step, but Congress should now act to give full authority to all western tribes over their water rights. The authority to give water rights to Native Americans is due…

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