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Trump 2024: No

Trump 2024: No

So Trump’s running in 2024. On the day he announced, Trump favorite Kari Lake lost the Arizona governor’s race. That is a terrible thing. Is there voter fraud? Maybe. However, we can’t spend time wallowing in despair about voter fraud in such close races. Kari Lake won’t be Arizona’s governor. The truth is that the Democrats will control the Senate. This means that they can cause a lot of harm (to the federal courts for example). Would the Republicans have done better were it not for Trump’s influence, and his flawed favored candidates? Undoubtedly. To be clear, it’s not only Trump’s fault! The message was not received by the national Republicans. They seemed to believe — hell, I believed — that they would win simply by not being Biden.

We can see the results.

Anyway, look, I don’t want to fight about shoulda woulda coulda, except insofar as we have to sort this out so the people on the Right can get our collective act together and win elections, and change things for the better. I’m sick and tired of the Never Trumpers, who are a dead end for conservatism. Trump emerged because people got sick of the GOP establishment. But I’m sick and tired also of Trump…

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