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No More Losers

Mike Pence is a Bob Dole clone.

The incumbent was able to smear the Republican leader in the Senate into oblivion during the 1996 presidential election. He would be impeached before his term ended.

It should not have taken so long to campaign. Bill Clinton is a crook, and any competent opponent could have dismantled his triangulation strategy. In the midterms, Clinton’s Democratic party had lost control of both the Senate and the House of Representatives, giving the strong impression of Republican momentum. A second term for a Democratic president was also unheard of at the time.

On paper, Dole’s credentials were impeccable. He served in Congress from 1951 to 2005, including four terms each in the House and the Senate. He had chaired both the Republican National Committee and the powerful Senate Finance Committee, and he had led the chamber’s Republicans since 1985. He was considered a moderate who was acceptable to many (or at least enough) of the…

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