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New Mexico Dem's proposal would require solar panels and charging stations in each new home, drastically increasing building costs


A Democratic state legislator’s proposal would require homebuilders to install solar panels and charging stations for electric cars in every new home.

Critics argue that the law would dramatically increase the cost to build new homes.

Senator Bill Soules, Las Cruces, New Mexico introduced Senate Bill 77. It would require that all new residential properties built after July 1, 2008, include a photovoltaic panel and at least one charging station.

Jack Milarch, CEO at the New Mexico Home Builders Association, criticized the law.

“Obviously, these things are in our future, and talk about the most practical way to do the best thing for the future today,” Milarch said to KRQE-TV. “But we’re opposed to these kind of bills that pushes too far too fast.”

Soules admitted the law would raise home values, but claimed the difference would be covered by the energy savings generated from the solar panels.

“It does increase the cost of the building a little bit, but it’s more than made up for on someone’s mortgage when they don’t have an electric bill because they’ve got solar already on their house,” said the Democrat.

The median selling price for a New Mexico home has increased more than 10% in the past year…

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