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Limits are necessary


Limits are necessary

The State of the Union: It is important to accept the limitations of nature.

This essay was written several weeks ago by me. It reflects on the importance and limitations of a constitutional order like ours. To counter the progressive and revolutionary ideologies, conservative thought must recognize and respect the limitations of reality and nature.

Last night, Tucker Carlson’s opening monologue brought that theme to his prime time audience. In his monologue, he waxes philosophically about the limits to human power and the absurdities resulting from their neglect.

Taking his cue from the increasingly obvious challenges posed by President Joe Biden’s advanced age and his apparent intent to run for a second term, Carlson points out that “age is more than a number. Age is an expression of the core biological reality of human existence, which is that at some point it comes to a close.”

This is a stubborn biological fact

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