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Mystery bidder to shell out big bucks for jar of sand from Tom Brady's retirement video


It is now time to win a jar made of sand from the exact beach on which NFL great Tom Brady announced (second) his retirement.

“You will receive an 8oz mason jar bottled in the exact sand that GOAT Tom Brady used to make his retirement video,” states eBay seller “gadgetgs”.

The highest bid of all 119 is $99,990 plus shipping. The listing states that the starting bid was $677 in honor of the legendary quarterback’s total career touchdowns. Bidding ends February 12, 2023, just in-time for Valentine’s Day.

The seller lists several photographs as proof that the unusual sports memorabilia was taken from the same spot as Brady’s video. The photographs include photos of a jar filled with sand and a copy of the New York Times that is dated. There are also shots of what appears to be the same number of buildings in the background.

According to the seller, he or she only took two samples within 24 hours of the announcement. The sample up for bidding is one. The seller claims that the other will be sent to Pat Mcafee Show if Boston Connor doesn’t want it.

The seller boasts 100% positive feedback for his 489 other sales . All of these items were purchased more than one year ago .

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